The Core Objectives Of This Exclusive Community 

  • icon02Full Attention To Your Dreams.

In this exclusive Sir Jones inner circle community, you get to pay full attention to your dreams. I believe true success comes from staying positive and focused, day after day, month after month. Yet that's a real challenge in today's world that's filled with so much distractions. I have discovered, after several years of studying success and achievement that, if I want to be successful, I must learn to pay full attention to the things that matter. I also realised through personal experience that; what I pay attention to, also pays attention to me. As a truly born to win person, it is important you pay full attention to the things that matter to you in life. And one of such thing is your dream. Thus the first objective is to strategically condition you to laser-focus on your big dream.

  • icon03Operate With Positive Energy

Positive energy is a success requirement. I have had the opportunity of interacting with several successful men and women, and not even one single moment have I experienced negative energy. Successful men and women live and operate with infectious and life transforming positivity. To me, it is more than a requirement for success. You are born to win. But to become that true winner, you must live and operate with positive energy all the time. It is a fundamental requirement to winning in life and business. You cannot get anywhere or manifest the desires of heart without it. That is why it's another objective in this exclusive inner circle community. I will strategically help you cultivate positive energy consistently so you can work on your dreams with confidence and positive expectations.

  • icon01Fertile Environment For Your Dreams

Dreams are seeds. You need to plant them in a fertile environment. You need to also water them with the right resources. These are the only ways your dreams can grow to serve you and others. Creating that fertile environment and gathering the right persons and resources is a big challenge. That is why I created this inner circle so you can easily have access to that fertile environment needed for your dreams to flourish. My dear winner, all the tools, resources, personnels and information you need are right here inside this community.

  • icon0510X Motivation For 10X Action

My dear winner, you need to understand that action is the only way you can give flesh to your ideas, dreams and visions. This is why the fourth objective for creating this inner circle program is to strategically drive to take 10X action on your dreams consistently. I will use my proven winning life strategy to 10X your motivation so you can 10X your actions. Look, It is only those who get to work on their dreams that live to see them. Meaning,  If you have a plan to achieve some goals, the goals will only be achieved when you take actions on them. Thus there is no substitute for action.  

  • icon06Take A Stand With Positivity.

My fifth objective is to ensure you take a stand with positivity. You see, you have the power to rule your world. You have the power to dream big, achieve big and live big. This power is in your mind. It’s about the kind of things you are allow to grow in your mind.  There is enough evidence to suggest that, only positive thoughts will make you defy all odds so you can achieve  your big dreams. So strategically, I teach and empower you to choose positive thoughts consistently. If I get you to take a stand with positivity, you get to experience a whole new world of abundant love, prosperity, peace, happiness and all the other goodies of life.

  • icon04Character And Personality Building

You need to know that your dreams will collapse on you if you don’t become kind of person who can handle it’s outcomes. In other words, your greatness will become a flash in the pan if you are not in the position to manage and sustain it. This is why in this inner circle you get to build a winner's character, personality and mindset. I believe working on oneself in the process of building a dream is as essential as the dream itself. In effect, making you work on yourself is my topmost priority in this community. I am guided by the words of Zig Ziglar who once said; the foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.

Here Are The Specific Life Changing Benefits Of Becoming A Member

  • Take control of your life.  Stop feeling like a victim of outside circumstances and negative self-talk.


  • Eliminate negativity and start focusing on key factors that are really important in building an incredible future.


  • Harness the power of self-confidence to completely transform your life.


  • Build mental resiliency and emotional stamina. Control your time and take charge your life.


  • Join a community of achievement driven, collaborative and supportive relationships.


  • Develop laser-focused vision and increase your productivity.


As A Member You Will Have Access To The Following



Deep And Provocative Motivational Messages/Articles 

In addition to the 100 plus motivational message/articles already available for you to download, you will continue to enjoy my exclusive daily, weekly monthly motivational messages or stories. These message are structured around common life and business challenges and questions that will surface in the private Facebook group, dream centre etc. These messages in most cases come with either an affirmation or a declaration exercises. They will also be available in PDFs for you to download.



Forum And Private Facebook Group

You again have exclusive access forum and secret Facebook group. This is a thriving community of big dreamers and winners. Thus you get learn and network with other winners. In here your find your accountability partners. Here is the deal: Success is a team sport



Monthly Q&A With Sir Jones

As an exclusive member, you get to partake in our monthly Questions and Answers live streaming. if you are not able to attend, no fears, the replays will be available in members area for you to access. Prior the Q&A you will receive notification to submit question to which you need answers.  



A Copy Of The Optimist Extraordinaire (You only get this this after completing 3 months)

As an exclusive member, you will receive a copy of my best seller - The Optimist Extraordinaire: How to become an extraordinary positive persons. - after completing three months as member. You will also receive the supporting book: Optimist Declarations and 216 Optimist Quotes.



Exclusive Coaching And Mentoring

This is the core reason for this exclusive community. Having Sir Jones on your case 24/7. So as an exclusive member, you have access to Sir Jones' coaching and mentoring through the Sir Jones Zone. This is a section in the inner circle or members area where you get to ask Sir Jones important and relevant questions about your life, business and more.



Master Classes On Living A Winning Life

You again have exclusive access Live Master Classes on designing and living a winning life. These classes will also feature other renowned experts.  The recordings will be available in the members area for life.  



50% Affiliate Commission

As an exclusive member, you get rewarded for helping others take a chance with their dreams. You get 50% commission on each dreamer or winner you help to become a member of this Sir Jones exclusive community.



Weekly Podcast

You again have exclusive access MotivationwithSirJones Exlcusive weekly podcast. In these podcasts, Sir Jones picks motivational quotes  and unpack them, offering different perspectives as well as vital life lessons. 



And More ...

As an exclusive member, you get enjoy more contents, resources and tool like downloadable training articles, workbooks, audio recordings, challenges etc 


Here Is A Sneaky Peek Of The Inner Circle 



Let Your Dream Count, Just Like These

Hello Sir Jones, I can't thank you enough, you have really lifted me. You have motivated me. Any time I look in the mirror, I see a winner. The good news is that my SECOND year results came out yesterday and I topped the Electrical engineering class. This is something I have always craved for. Once again thanks for rebuilding me. I believe the giant is awaken.  Wilbrold

Thanks sir. Your articles are really inspiring ones. I have nearly read most of your articles and they all proved beneficial for me.Narendra


Your recent post helped me so much!! As a small business owner you tend to think that you have to have every single thing together and then my business will move forward faster but I have to remind myself that having that type of mindset is not the mindset to have. it is ironic that you sent the post just now because it falls in line with something I started to tell myself and that is to not get hung up on perfection but to go forward with the concept of my idea and work to make it smoother. Thank you so much. Robin Johnson


 Sir, it’s really inspiring to go through all your messages. I am motivated. I thank you very much for giving us such a clinical inner development or enhancing our confidence. Suneel Theeing Tamang

Bring back the fire is so interesting; even if they read this to while you are asleep, you will wake up fired up! Thanks so much bro. I have come to believe, accept, appreciate motivation and personal development clinic treat all sicknesses holding  me back for reaching my dreams. GOD BLESS U! Kanyankole Frank

Hi Sir Jones, I always receive your motivational messages in my inbox. Thanks so much. They really help me to keep moving on with my dreams and building my team doing whatever it takes. God bless you always!Ruth Soliman

Hi, I got your message randomly on my Facebook feed. After reading your post I completely got motivated. Actually, I am bipolar and prune to depression. I have attempted suicide thrice just because I am fed up with my ugly life. But your words are something different. They lifted my burden and gave some hope. Thank you Sir.Yana Robert

God bless you Sir! You are a great man! Every word you said, I feel it! You really touched my heart. Thank you!Nillyn Bien Gobrin

I'm among the few that rely on your life transforming words. I must confess that you always touch every nerve in me. You must have been sent from above!Yvan Kimz







Living your dreams is an everyday thing. It will take you consistent 10X motivation.  Join me and other winners as we embrace life with positive energy and sagacity. Give your dreams and goals a chance TODAY and NOW